Deer Hunter

Chocolate sheet cake with chocolate frosting decorated with a gumpaste hunter and deer.  The hunter is taking aim across the pond.  Cake is designed to serve 50 to 75.


A Motley Cake

Red velvet cake topped with a rice crispy treat pill bottle.  The cake is decorated to look like Motley Crue t-shirt.  Cake was designed to serve 15 to 18.

Cat in the Hat

A Cat in the Hat cake for a baby shower.  I was provided a colorful invitation and given some design suggestions and the results were very much loved.  The base cake is vanilla with strawberry filling and the hat is 4 layers of chocolate cake.  Cake was designed to serve 60.

Happy 80th

A cake decorated to look like stacked presents.  Bottom present is chocolate and top is white cake.  The cakes are decorated in colors to match napkins that were provided to me.  Cake will serve 25 to 30.


Chocolate and white cake covered with fondant and designed to look like a Scrabble board.  The cake was made for a retirement party and the scrabble tiles spell words such as accolades, applause, luck, grandpa, kudos, retired, bravo, praise and ovations.  Cake was a big hit and designed to serve 40.

Purple Elegance

2-tiered cake covered with white and purple fondant and decorated with white and black royal icing.  Entire cake was vanilla and designed to serve 35.

Hungry Hippo

Chocolate cake covered in green fondant and then decorated with details from the game Hungry Hippo.  The hippo on top is made from rice treats and then detailed with fondant and gumpaste.  Cake was designed to serve 15.