Ingrid’s 60th

A 1/2 sheet cake decorated with molded gumpaste at the ends to make it look like a scroll.   The scroll cake was designed to serve 35 and was made of marble cake.  The cake was for a family member’s birthday and she sent me the kindest thank you indicating how much she liked the cake and how delicious it tasted!  Thanks Ingrid!


Birthday Music

Happy Birthday to a trumpet player.  Cake is vanilla and covered with buttercream and fondant.  The cake is decorated with the music to Happy Birthday and the whole thing is topped with an edible trumpet made from gumpaste.  The cake is designed to serve 15 to 18.

Forever all Tied-Up

A pick-up truck for 25 to 30 to celebrate an upcoming wedding.  The couple is hog tied in the bed of the truck while the deer drives off down the highway.  This cake gives an entirely new meaning to tying the knot!  Cake is white.

60th Anniversay

A small 2-tiered vanilla cake to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of my grandparents-in-law.  The cake was topped with a larger than was explained to me Mickey and Minnie wedding couple that my mother-in-law bought.  The topper is a bit large for the cake designed to serve 18, but my in-laws loved it and we had a great day together.

Patron Bottle

A cake designed to look like a bottle of Patron Tequila to celebrate Steve’s birthday.  The cake base is vanilla and the bottle is red velvet.  The cake served 25 to 30.

Tony’s Graduation

A 2-tiered cake to celebrate Tony’s graduation.  Cake is almond and white and is designed to serve 50 to 60.  The tiers of the cake are topped with a mortar board made of rice crispy treats and gumpaste.

Braden is 2!

A red, white and blue cake designed to celebrate Braden’s 2nd birthday.  Braden’s party was over the 4th of July holiday weekend, so the colors fit.  The cake is vanilla with raspberry filling and is designed to serve 30.