Sorcerer’s Hat

A sorcerer’s hat to celebrate Mikey’s trip to Disney World.  The hat is stacked cake, covered in fondant and then decorated with moons and stars.  The moons and stars are painted with edible silver and the cake serves 15.


Truck Camper

A truck camper cake to celebrate John’s birthday.  The cake is chocolate, covered in buttercream, and decorated with fondant and gumpaste accents.   I was provided a picture of the camper and designed the cake to replicate the real thing.  The truck camper serves 25 to 30.

Abigail’s Castle

A pink, blue, and purple castle to celebrate Princess Abigail’s birthday.  The cake is 4-layers of chocolate, covered in fondant and then decorated with royal icing fencing.  The castle’s turrets are made from rice crispy treats shaped and carved, buttercreamed and fondant covered.  the cake is designed to serve 25.

Nick’s Constitution

Nick’s mom wrote his constitution to celebrate his high school graduation and I made a scroll with gumpaste and fondant and then painted the words on the scroll.  The scroll covers a half chocolate and half vanilla sheet cake to serve 60 to 75.

Hippie Chick

3-tiered white cake to serve 55.  The cake was themed based upon the party-wear that was ordered for the party.  Flowers, a peace sign, and butterflies decorate the cake and they are all done with fondant.  The details on the butterflies are done with royal icing.

2007 Mustang

A 2007 Mustang Convertible for Miriam’s birthday.   The cake is designed to serve 40 people and is layered and carved whit cake.  The care is covered with fondant and the details are done with gumpaste.  The windshield is poured sugar, dried and put in place.

Billy’s Rockin’ Birthday

A guitar and amp cake to celebrate Billy’s birthday.  Cake is marble and covered in buttercream and fondant.  The strings are piped royal icing and I lay them across the guitar so there is actually space between the guitar and strings.  cake is designed to serve 30.