Bianca’s Barn

2 layers of chocolate cake and 3 layers of white cake stacked and carved in the shape of a barn.  Barn has royal icing details and animals are shaped from gumpaste.  The cake is designed to serve 35.


Pretty Princess

A topsy 2 tiered cake designed for a 6 year-olds birthday.  One tier is vanilla and the other is chocolate.  Cake is topped with royal icing crown and gumpaste hearts, stars and the number 6 coming out of the top of the cake.  cake is designed to serve 25.

Kiss Cake

This Kiss cake will make you rock and roll all night.  Cake is half chocolate and half vanilla.  Cake is designed with faces to represent the band members and the rock on hand is made of gumpaste.  Cake is designed to serve 35.

Away in a Manger

2-tiered cake designed for a Christmas party.  The cake is one tier of vanilla and one of chocolate.  Cake is decorated with silhouettes of the manger scene and is designed to serve 30.


A cupcake cake made up of 30 cupcakes.  Cupcakes are topped with fondant designs from a favorite children’s book.  Cupcakes are chocolate and vanilla.


Penguin designed using one tier of vanilla cake and rice crispy treats. Details on the penguin are done with fondant and gumpaste.  The penguin is resting on top of a sea of chocolate cake and a fondant ice float.  Cake is designed to serve 40.

Love for Elmo

Order was for a 2-tiered pink cake with pink hearts and Elmo on top.  The mother of the birthday girl explained a shirt that would be worn to the party and hoped I could try and match the cake to the shirt.  The cake is chocolate and vanilla and designed to serve 35.  The mother emailed me and said I matched the shirt perfectly.  She was very pleased!